Ecological Building Strategies


LEED Consulting

Our firm has extensive expertise in leading large project teams towards aggressive green building goals.  We specialize in ground up commercial construction, renovations and tenant improvement projects pursuing LEED for Neighborhood Development (ND), Building Design & Construction for Core and Shell (CS)/New Construction (NC) and Interior Design & construction (ID+C).

Green Building and sustainability means many different things and we work with each team and owner individually to ensure the project values, goals, schedule and budget are met.  Every project is unique.  The value that Ecological Building Strategies brings to the table is experience to avoid costly mistakes and helping the team work together to develop a better product.. 


With each new code cycle and each juristiction starting to require reach codes, it can be a full time job to investigate how a project will meet all of the different building requirements.  We like to take the confusion out of the process and streamline permiting and help project teams gather the correct documentation for compliance.I